Track Trials Delays

To the athletes and families of the CSL track league:

I am so sorry that you all had to experience those delays last night prolonging the trials meet causing some to have to miss other commitments of the evening, have to choose to leave early and not compete, experience long delays on a hot day, or stay until the last race was run at 9:15pm.  That is not the type of event that we strive to put on.  I’ve calculated about 90 minutes of delays for multiple things half of which were avoidable and I assure you we will avoid those in the future.  The 45 minutes of power outage and clerking delays won’t happen again.  We will recruit and train an adequate number of volunteers prior to the event and begin clerking the first athletes as soon as they arrive to expedite the check-in process.  Moving forward we will test the power at the track more than a few hours in advance.  The 45 minutes of computer delays appear to have been unavoidable, but that was the first time that happened to our timing crew after 100’s of track meets timed over more than a decade.  Altogether we should have gotten you through your track meet much faster and that will be our aim for the finals on Thursday and next year’s trials.  We will see many of you on Thursday, good luck to all of you young athletes.

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