About the El Dorado County Sports League

Philosophy of the County Sports League

It is the philosophy of CSL to present for the students of El Dorado County an exploratory sports program involving as many students as possible. Participants should be encouraged to strive their best to win within the spirit and rules of the games and contests. However, good sportsmanship and playing for the fun of the game should be stressed above winning. Schedules will be arranged so that students may participate in every sport offered, with no specialization. All championships are determined by tournaments only and are purely voluntary in nature.

The after school athletic program should provide extra benefits to participants. Among these are a sense of physical well-being, self-discipline, a release of physical energy, loyalty to team and school, emotional control, and an appreciation of physical fitness.

Current Schools who are members of the CSL are: California Montessori Project, Camino, Charter University Prep, Golden Sierra Jr/Sr High, Gold Trail, Golden Hills, Herbert Green, Markham, Marble Valley, Mountain Creek, Pleasant Valley, Sierra Ridge, Pleasant Grove, Valley View, Millers Hill and John Adams Academy.